Shop caught sticking googly eyes on fish to make them look fresher


One of the fish after the plastic eye fell off
One of the fish after the plastic eye fell off

A shop in Kuwait has been closed down by officials after the owners were caught sticking plastic googly eyes onto fish to try to make them look fresher.

Hilarious photographs of one of the ‘fresh fish’ were shared on social media by Kuwaiti newspaper ‘Al Bayan’.

The paper reported that the store had been shut down after the country’s Ministry of Commerce spotted the trick.

Images posted online showed the plastic white eye slipping off the fish’s face, showing its real eye underneath.

Social media users took to Twitter to ridicule the trick.

One Twitter user said: “The intersection of people who know enough about fish to look at their eyes to judge freshness and people who would be tricked by googly eyes can’t possibly be very large?”

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